Cristiano Ronaldo's armband sold at auction for whopping amount to help a sick child

A local fireman who was deployed at the stadium picked the armband after the match and suggested a local sports channel to auction it.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 03 April 2021 06:04 PM

Cristiano Ronaldo

Football is one of the most followed games across the globe and the fans can sometimes push to the extreme limits for their idols which is remarkably unbelievable. While sometimes things can get ugly, in most cases it’s something heart-warming at the end of the story. One such thing has recently happened when a not-so-nice incident on the field has been able to produce something really amazing off-the-field.

This is how every controversy should end

It all started when Portuguese star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo threw away his captain’s armband in frustration after he was denied a match-winning goal against Serbia last week.

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A local fireman who was deployed at the stadium named Djordje Vukicevic picked the armband after the match. He contacted a regional sports channel Sportklub and suggested them to auction it for charity to raise funds for an infant who is suffering from a rare disease.

Considering the fact that CR7 is a legend of the sport and has a crazy following across the world, the idea was immediately accepted. Happening for a good cause, it was expected to raise a few euros however much to the disbelief of everyone, the armband raised a whopping amount of around 64,000 Euros. As planned, all the money will now go towards the treatment of 6-month-old Gavrilo Djurdjevic who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.

Unfortunately, the money raised at the auction won’t be able to cover the whole expenses of the baby’s treatment. Considering how rare the disease is, the treatment requires the ‘world’s most expensive drug’ which costs around two million euros. The fans all over the world have now started praying for the young warrior to get well soon. It would be a heart-warming moment if the 6-month-old Gavrilo can meet Cristiano Ronaldo in future, who unknowingly played a huge role in his treatment.


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