Former India pacer Venkatesh Prasad issued a clarification about his social media outburst earlier on Saturday, September 10. Prasad said that his criticism wasn't targeted towards any individual and was completely towards the ticketing and scheduling fiasco. Notably, Prasad earlier on Sunday, September 10, morning edited an earlier deleted tweet wherein he talked about how corruption affects the leadership. 

Later, Prasad clarified and said that his tweet wasn't targeted towards anyone and was about the match rescheduling and ticket fiasco that is going on ahead of the forthcoming World Cup 2023. Prasad was roped in by the PTI, and the ex-cricketer said,  “Nothing personal, just observation." 

On being asked if he was misinterpreted, he said, " 100 per cent. That (corrupt) I meant generally in all aspects of life. Be it airline industry, banking industry, even IPL franchises have been banned as well.  Since in my other tweets, I had tweeted about tickets, it looked mixed up. My criticism for BCCI was clear about the ticketing and scheduling,” he said, clarifying his position." 

Prasad, who played a key role in many Indian victories went on to say, “Nothing personal. Just a clear observation and many people have expressed displeasure at the way ticketing is, fans as well as friends from overseas."