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The Manchester United midfielder, Casemiro, has hit back at pundits for disrespectfully criticising him after tough performances for the club in recent weeks. The 32-year-old spoke about how he was considered one of the best signings of the Premier League last season, but in a space of one year, he isn’t worth anything anymore.

Casemiro was responsible for being a central defender for Manchester United in the absence of the first-choice players. But, in partnership with Jonny Evans in the central defence, the Brazilian performed poorly, conceding soft goals against Crystal Palace and Arsenal during their recent defeats.

Casemiro hits back at pundits for ignoring his past PL achievements

The string of bad performances led to a lot of criticism for Casemiro from pundits and fans alike, which he not only noticed but also responded to. In his chat with Sky Sports, the Brazilian said, “I was considered one of the best signings of the Premier League last season, and now I'm not worth anything anymore? The criticism is disrespectful. So when it's lacking respect, then it's worrying, and I don't have to respect that either.”

“It's hard, especially when it's not an analysis of the whole situation. At the start of the season, I got the trophy of best player of the month, elected by the fans here. Right after that, I picked up an injury, a big injury. Came back, then the injury returned, now playing as a centre-back. It is hard - this is a wider analysis, I'm giving you more ample analysis,” Casemiro added.

Notably, Manchester United will be finishing their Premier League campaign against Brighton at the Amex Stadium on Sunday, May 19.