Don't think it is about Cristiano Ronaldo: Bruno Fernandes responds to questions about his drop of form last season

Fernandes just netted an underwhelming ten goals in the 2021/22 season.

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Updated - 20 September 2022 08:15 PM


Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has explained his drop-off in form last season and shunned away the thought that his form drop was caused because he was playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker returned to Old Trafford from Juventus last summer. 

But the Reds Devils had a disappointing season, despite the 37-year-old scoring impressive 24 goals in all competitions. Whereas Fernandes just netted an underwhelming ten goals in comparison to the 28 he scored during the 2020/21 campaign. Hence,  several people commented that this loss of form was caused because of playing alongside Ronaldo.

Bruno, while talking to The Athletic, pointed out how he personally had a terrible season, where he even missed penalties, whose blame can’t be put on Ronaldo.

He said: “Most of my assists last season were for him, so I don't think [that it's fair]. I just had a poor season in terms of my own numbers. I don't think it is about Cristiano or myself. Before he came, I was also taking the penalties, but I had two chances to take the penalties last season and I missed both. So I cannot blame Cristiano for taking penalties, especially when he scores them.”

He further talked about the Arsenal game, when Ronaldo gave him the penalty which Fernandes missed. He said: "When I missed against Arsenal in April, it was him who gave me the ball and said, 'Go yourself and score'. I missed but I felt that he trusted me to be the one to step up and score in the big moment. So I don't think it is because of Cristiano, it is because I didn't do the best in myself in some moments to get goals or assists.”

Fernandes then talked about this season where he has scored only once and hence he reasoned that his drop in form was because of the loss of momentum and timing.

He stated: "I played the last four Premier League games without Cristiano starting and I scored only one goal. So it is not because of Cristiano. It is about momentum and timing. Sometimes it goes in a bad way and sometimes a better way. Obviously, he can be really good to play together with, for someone who gives assists, as if you give him the right ball, he will score goals."


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