Prizepool for Dota 2 The International 2022

As per reports, the International 11 prize money is $11 million which very low from International 10 which was $40 million.

Abhishek SandikarAuthor

Updated - 18 September 2022 12:09 PM


The Esports world is eagerly waiting for International 2022, the premier Dota 2 event which will be concluding the Dota Pro Circuit this year. This will be the eleventh annual edition of The International which comes to Asia for the second time. The tournament follows the same invite format used for the preceding International, where teams from Regional Leagues and Majors will be invited to the event.

But the TI11, this year, will be featuring a lower prize pool than any of previous tournaments. Over the year, prize money for this event has seen a rapid increase, leading to several new records. Dota 2 is one of the biggest games in the Esports environment and hence the  I nternational 2022 is in the upper echelon in terms of financial earnings. However, this year’s Battle Pass and crowdfunding are working at a slower pace than expected, which has seen an impact on the prize pool.

The Dota world has been seeing some incredibly high prize pools up until last year, with record-setting numbers year after year. This can be seen in across prize pools up until TI10. Throughout the history of the International’s prize pool has grown bigger and bigger and touched the ~$40 million mark last year. While the Dota player base and popularity have risen up, this hasn’t had a similar impact on the inflating prize pool. This is would be slightly worrying considering how the International 2022 prize pool is raised. 

This is how it has grown over the years:

The International 1: $1.6 million

The International 2: $1.6 million

The International 3: $2.8 million

The International 4: $10.9 million

The International 5: $18.4 million

The International 6: $20.7 million

The International 7: $24.7 million

The International 8: ~$25.5 million

The International 9: $34.3 million

The International 10: $40 million

The International 11: $11 million [as per reports on September 16th, 2022]


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