Canadian rapper Drake won $2.7 million after betting on New Zealander-Nigerian fighter, Israel Adesanya, who defeated Alex Pereira at UFC 287  and took back the Middleweight title. The Stylebender produced an incredible second-round knockout to clinch the fight over Po Atan at FTX arena in Miami. 

Drake has often received notoriety for betting on major sporting events like the El Clasico - Real Madrid vs Barcelona and many more. Hence ahead of UFC 287, Champagne Papi had placed a $500,000 bet on Adesanya to win which gave him $885,000 and a $400,000 bet for him to win by knockout, which gave him a massive $ 1.8 million. But Drake’s luck only lasted for the Adesanya fight as he lost $500,000 in the Gilbert Burns vs. Jorge Masvidal bout

Check out Drake’s post here:

Israel Adesanya was asked about Drake's bet after his fight, reacting to which, he thanked the Canadian rapper and every other person for betting on him during this fight. He also expressed excitement about pulling off a massive parlay. 

The Stylebender said,  "Shoutout to everyone that bet on me but you have to realise that when I step into the octagon I put my life on the line. That's the biggest parlay you can ever do. I'm a betting man too so shoutout to stake, we are about to make another deal and get more money."

Going back to the fight, Israel Adesanya was put under pressure as Alex Pereira was on top for some time in the first round. But the Stylebender built some momentum towards the end of the opening round and inflicted a second-round knockout with two massive jabs. 

Adesanya to Joe Rogan after the win, “Hey listen up I wanna say something to everyone watching me here and on TV, you should feel what I’m feeling at least once in your lifetime. But you can’t do that if you don’t go for something. They say revenge is the sweetest and you know me, I got a sweet tooth.”