Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Draymond Green, the outspoken forward of the Golden State Warriors, is known for his trash talk and confidence. He is not afraid to challenge anyone on the court, even the legends of the game. However, he recently fell for a fake quote attributed to one of his former rivals, Kevin Garnett, and ended up looking foolish on social media.

The fake quote, which was posted by a parody account called NBA Centel claimed that Garnett said, “Draymond punching JP is like a senior punching a freshman who’s half his size and then walks around talking himself up as if he’s like that. Come try me, Dray.”

The quote seemed to be a jab at Draymond regarding his bullying younger players. Green replied to the fake quote: “I tried you when I was a rookie KG, and you started talking to yourself like I wasn't talking to you. What’s that like? The freshman picking on a senior citizen that is double his size?”

draymond tweet sportstiger However, it turned out that the quote was not real as it was made by a parody account of NBA Central as clearly mentioned in their bio. The account also posted other fake quotes from other NBA legends, such as Jordan Poole and Damian Lillard.

Garnett himself took to Twitter to set the record straight and deny that he ever said those words. He replied while tagging Twitter CEO Elon Musk and laughing emojis, “That’s a fake tweet. “NBA Centel”… @elonmusk see wtf is happening”

Green realized his mistake and deleted his tweet but looked foolish on the internet. Fans have been trolling him left and right since the incident. Fans have termed Draymond as a ‘loser’ and the incident ‘embarrassing’ for the 33-year-old and the fake tweet has gone viral on Twitter.

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant also replied to Draymond's tweet and wrote, " Nah yo, u gotta chill. Do something bout this  @god ". Fortunately, Twitter removed the verified tag from the parody account after Kevin Durant and Kevin Garnett's tweets and later disabled the Twitter handle.