The Blonde Bomber Ebanie Bridges talked about wanting to do an OnlyFans collaboration with the ex-UFC fighter Paige VanZant in her recent Q&A session. The IBF Bantamweight Champion, who has been out of in-ring competition due to a hand injury, since her title defence against Sarah O’Connell via TKO on December 10, 2022, is currently preparing to make her return to boxing.

sportstiger 8 Holding a record of 9-1 in the sport, the Australian has been quite a sensation on social media, thanks to her raunchy outfits and outspoken attitude. After launching her OnlyFans in 2022, she has been making lucrative sums apart from competing inside the boxing ring.

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sportstiger 9 During a recent Q&A session with the fans on her official Instagram account, Ebanie Bridges teased the possibility of an OnlyFans collaboration with Paige VanZant. She said, as per the MailOnline transcript, “We were actually talking about that [a collaboration]. We were trying to organize it, but she got really busy, and I moved so many things. Hopefully, we can get back on track because I would love to collab with Paige VanZant. That would be f*****g sexy.”

sportstiger 10 Just like Ebanie Bridges, Paige VanZant also has a huge following on social media, making them two of the most sought-after women’s performers in combat sports today. The ex-UFC fighter has also ventured out in professional wrestling for some time, making sporadic appearances for All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Meanwhile, the trainer of the Blonde Bomber had targeted a return in July to the sport for the boxer. But, now that more than half the month is already gone, it’s highly unlikely that Ebanie Bridges will make a comeback anytime soon.