As Eddie Howe's team contends for the Champions League next season, Newcastle has been linked with a bid for the trio of world-renowned superstars. If Newcastle secures a spot in the top four, finds a new £25 million shirt sponsor, and advances to the Champions League, they may have a budget of up to £200 million this summer. 

Naturally, since then it is expected that Newcastle will attract the top players in football. Addressing these possible rumours, Eddie Howe said, “We could not be able to come close to affording those players as they are the best players in the world. We are never going to be in a position currently to afford those transfer fees and wages, so we need to go underneath and find them young and develop them into the players they can be.” 

“In order for a club to be truly successful the head coach needs to have a strong hand on transfers. The players have to come into your style of play. They have to be linked to your philosophy,” added Howe.

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo is uncertain because recent rumours claim that the legendary Portuguese player wants to leave Al Nassr. In just 15 appearances across various competitions during his three months with the Saudi Pro League club, Ronaldo has scored 12 goals. At the age of 38, he wanted to stay in Europe, and it seems he will eventually return to playing in Europe.

Lionel Messi too is likely to leave his current club, PSG after he was suspended for two weeks after he made an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. The world cup winner was trolled and booed after he returned to France. Similarly, reports of Neymar leaving PSG resurfaced too, after fans protested against the Brazilian’s participation in the club. Fans protested outside his house and demanded that he leave the club as soon as possible. 

The news of these players leaving their current clubs has increased the rumours of them joining Newcastle United, but Eddie Howe has denied the rumours. The manager has claimed that he wants to find young new players and nourish them before they “explode” onto the world scene.

Newcastle United are having one of their best seasons in the Premier League till now, as they are placed in the third position in the PL table just below Manchester City and Arsenal. They have won 18 games out of 33 and have just lost four. Callum Wilson is their leading goalscorer with 15 goals in just 26 appearances.