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Picture Credit: Instagram

Former US Open champion Emma Raducanu was recently spotted traveling through London incognito with her mother. She had exited a bus, when the 21-year-old spotted an elderly couple struggling to get off. The tennis ace decided to help and provided support to the elderly woman by holding onto her hand as she exited the bus. It didn’t appear that the elderly couple knew who Emma was, and just enjoyed chatting with who they thought was just another good Samaritan before bidding adieu. 

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Raducanu was traveling through London with her mother and made a variety of stops. She got coffee at The Cheeky Scone and went window shopping through the stalls at Notting Hill. She shared pictures of how her life was going on Instagram, showing off her incognito dress code that featured a grey hoodie and dark sunglasses. They not only protected her from the rain but also helped afford the popular young tennis player some much needed privacy while traveling in public. 

Tennis ace continues to divide fa ns over US Open win

Emma is a popular, albeit divisive, figure in British media. While some adore her for her humble attitude and down to earth persona, others scorn the young tennis ace for a seemingly ‘fluke’ Grand Slam win at the US Open, with both casual tennis fans and some in the media questioning her true ability. Critics point to her consistently disappointing performances since the US Open win as proof that her Grand Slam victory was more luck than skill, with the young player not even breaking into the world top 100 for the women’s singles game. 

Raducanu made history with her triumph at the US Open, becoming the first tennis player ever to win a Grand Slam through qualifiers. While the rarity of the accomplishment might speak to its magnitude, others claim that it was instead just a miraculous fluke; a lightning in a bottle tournament of luck with favorable draws and above caliber performances from the young player.

However, agent Max Eisenbud has strongly defended the player, stating, “You don't just accidentally win the US Open as she did. You have to be great to do what she did. I think that she will settle and things will get more calm for her and I think she will make more deep runs. I think she will win more Grand Slams, when it's all said and done.”