The promoters of the European Super League, A22 have won their appeal in a Spanish court that protects the Super League clubs from being punished by UEFA or FIFA. The clubs receive protection after the footballing authorities were set to be reprimanded for their actions after ESL was formed in April 2021. 

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Now after another appeal was made in the Spanish Court, the ruling has gone in A22's favour. This new development was reported by CBS sports’ Ben Jacobs, who shared details regarding some of the court documents from this case. These papers talk about how FIFA and UEFA have been using their disciplinary powers to create a monopoly on any independent professional soccer competition. 

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The documents said, “To claim that, outside of the UEFA and FIFA ecosystem, an independent professional soccer competition could be freely created that could compete with theirs, free from their interference, reveals the utmost naivety, because the defendants have such a strong market power that from their monopoly position they are capable of intimidating, as they have done through public statements such as those that have motivated this litigation.”

“Problem lies in the fact that the risk of the arbitrary use by FIFA and UEFA of their disciplinary power isn't limited to the repercussion of its effects within the competitions they manage, but can also be used to discourage market operators tempted to enter into relations.”

“The initiative of the entrepreneur who wants to enter into the competition is attacked by the monopolist who doesn't want it & uses power to obstruct. Possible justification of FIFA & UEFA's conduct as an attempt to protect European sporting model is, prima facie, a flimsy excuse.”

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The tournament was created to establish a new football league which was set to be more financially fruitful towards the clubs. The founding members of the competition were Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.

But out of these 12 clubs, nine pulled off the venture and the ESL collapsed less than 48 hours after it was launched in 2021. But Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus still remained committed to the project.

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