Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

All club sporting events have been concluded this summer to pave the way for Euro 2024. This is the 17th iteration of the premier European tournament of European nations, set to be an electrifying event to showcase the best of European football. Germany, the three-time winners of the tournament, will be the host of this highly anticipated event by football fans across the globe. But what do you know about Euro 2024? Strap in as we share intricate details about this widespread sports phenomenon.

Participating Nations

UEFA, the European football governing body, organizes the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro) every four years. It comprises 55 nations and territories, mainly in Europe, though six members are from outside Europe, such as Kazakhstan and Israel. It is these nations that battled out through the Euro qualifiers. This year, the qualifiers consisted of 10 groups, and the winners and runners-up qualified automatically for the tournament. Germany, who won the rights to host Euro 2024, qualified automatically, while three other teams (Ukraine, Poland, and Georgia) qualified through playoffs. The teams were put into pots and drawn into Groups A to F as follows:



Group A

Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B

Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C

Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D

Poland*, Netherlands, Austria, France

Group E

Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

Group F

Türkiye, Georgia*, Portugal, Czechia

Euro 2024 Format

Despite UEFA voting to expand the number of teams from 18 to 24 in 2010, this will be the only time there will be 24 teams. Europe has some of the most popular football stars, and you will have to watch them play 51 matches to decide which is the best team in Europe in 2024.

This month's full extravaganza will kick off with Host Germany taking on Scotland on 14th June at the Munich Football Arena. Euro 2024 will end on July 14th, with the final played at the Olympiastadion Berlin. The two stadiums are the largest in the tournament, holding 66,000 and 71,000 fans, respectively. Additionally, Munich Football Arena will be the first stadium to host two consecutive Euro games, as it was among the 11 stadiums used in Euro 2020. The games will be played across ten different cities across Germany as follows:





Leipzig Stadium



Cologne Stadium



Düsseldorf Arena



Frankfurt Arena



Volksparkstadion Hamburg



Arena AufSchalke



Stuttgart Arena



BVB Stadion Dortmund



Munich Football Arena



Olympiastadion Berlin


The   Euro 2024 games  will kick off with a group stage from June 14th to 16th. Only the first and runners in the group stages will join the round of 16 that will be played between 29th June and 2nd July 2024. Winners of the round of sixteen advance to the quarter-finals, and then to the semi with the tournament culminating with the finals between the winners of the semi-finals. The atmosphere and the preparation of the games are top-notch, allowing you to travel all over Germany to enjoy the culture of food, football, drinks and so much more as you watch this every four-year extravaganza.

Teams to watch and Prediction

Euro 2024 will showcase some of the hottest national football rivalries in the world. As a result, fans worldwide are trying to make predictions on individual matches, scores, records, and who will lift the trophy. Euro 2024 presents an excellent opportunity for football enthusiasts to engage in a friendly wager. With a wide range of options, fans can immerse themselves in the tournament's action and add an extra thrill to the matches. You too can join in the fun at  Australian real money casinos  to play and win. Most of these platforms offer both the thrill of betting and gambling, enhancing your overall fun.

There are many predictions on who will lift the Euro 2024 trophy, but the teams that stand out are the host Germany, France, as well as the Iberian nations of Portugal and Spain. However, you should not be surprised if a new entrant such as Georgia surprises in the cup. Gauging from recent friendly matches such as Portugal vs. Finland on 4 June, the tournament is poised to break the number of goals scored in the last Euro tournament.


Do you want to witness the action live to get the tickets from the  UEFA ticket portal ? Currently, all the group stage tickets are fully booked but you can get tickets to the knockout stages if your favorite team qualifies. There are many hospitality packages to ensure you have a top-notch experience from the official ticket site. The tickets cost 30, 50, 60. 80 and 95 euros for the group stages, the round of sixteen, quarter-final, semi-final and final, respectively.

Final Word

The Euro 2024 in Germany promises to eclipse the previous tournaments in a big way, with new stars debuting for their national teams. Many records are bound to be broken, with some big names playing their last international matches this season. Eyes worldwide are watching the vent from the screen, but some fans are observing the event live from the strands.