Get ready for an intense showdown! The upcoming Qualifier is a highly anticipated event in which ten teams will compete for the final two spots in the international championship 2023 ODI World Cup in India, taking place in October-November. This tournament marks the conclusion of a four-year selection process that began with a pool of 32 teams. Out of the 10 finalists, who will earn their place in cricket history? We will only learn about this at the cricket world cup.

What's the ODI Super League?

Learn about the ODI Super League, a tournament introduced by the International Cricket Council in 2020 to determine the teams competing in the World Cup. How many teams are in the tournament? Running from July 30, 2020, to May 14, 2023, the league featured 13 teams, including the 12 Full Members and the Netherlands, who emerged as champions of the World Cricket League Championship.

Eight nations including India, New Zealand, and England secured their World Cup spots in the Super League. However, the bottom five teams and five Associate nations will have another chance to make it through the Qualifier. In the end, two of these ten sides will join the other eight in the journey to India for the main event.

Attention cricket fans! The Super League will come to an end after the 2023 World Cup. Instead, the ICC will switch back to using rankings to determine qualification for the men's 50-over World Cup. Stay tuned for all the latest updates on this exciting news.

Will teams like India and Australia be represented?

Good news! India and the other top eight teams of the 13-team ODI Super League have already qualified for the main draw of the showpiece event, as they are the hosts and have demonstrated exceptional performance. Meanwhile, the bottom five teams from the Super League and five others will participate in the Qualifier.

Who are these five Associate teams?

Discover the five Associate teams: Oman, Scotland, UAE, Nepal, and USA.

How to watch Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2023?

It will be broadcast on official channels, but not in all parts of the world. To unblock access for sure, you can use VPN for sports betting from a trusted developer. It could be VeePN or a similar service. Even if the desired channel is not available in your region, you can unblock it by changing your virtual location.

How did they make it to the final World Cup Qualifier?

The World Cup League 2, a seven-team tournament comprising 140 matches, declared Scotland, Oman, and Nepal as the top three teams. Scotland and Oman placed first and second, while Nepal secured the third position with an incredible win of 11 out of their last 12 matches. UAE and USA claimed the final two qualifying spots by emerging as the top two teams at the World Cup Qualifier play-offs held in March-April this year.


How does the upcoming Qualifier work?

Get ready for some exciting cricket action as the ten teams battle it out in the upcoming matches, all of which have ODI status. The teams have been divided into two groups of five - Group A (Nepal, Netherlands, USA, West Indies, and Zimbabwe) and Group B (Ireland, Oman, Scotland, Sri Lanka, and UAE). Each team will play four group matches in a round-robin format, earning two points for a win and one point for ties and no results. After the group stage is over, the top three teams from each group will advance to the Super Six, carrying over their points. Stay tuned for some nail-biting games!

Is this the final?

Get ready for the showdown between the Super Six's finest as they compete for the coveted prize. Although both teams have secured their spots for the World Cup, the final will still be the ultimate battle for glory. Don't miss out on this exciting win-win game!

How and when will this happen?


Get ready for the ultimate excitement of Qualifier 2023! Ten teams will compete from July 15th to August 14th to determine who will join India and other top-tier teams in the World Cup. With guaranteed surprises and thrilling matches, be part of the global cricket frenzy and experience the joy of victory. Sign up now!