Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The future British Grand Prix in 2023 will have Hollywood star Brad Pitt's own personal garage, along with the other ten Formula 1 teams. This has happened in light of the fact that his upcoming F1 film, Apex, is now being filmed. Since this news, enthusiasm for the British Grand Prix has skyrocketed.

Although the movie is currently being filmed, several scenes will be shot at the F1 Grand Prix weekend. Along with the other 20 F1 drivers, Brad Pitt will not only have his own garage but also drive an F1 vehicle during the event. His appearance would merely be for show and it won't affect how the GP is running in any way.

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Brad Pitt was spotted at multiple F1 races in the 2022 racing calendar and it was during that time, that the F1-based film was announced. Although the 59-year-old would simply participate in an exhibition run, he would undoubtedly face tremendous pressure to drive next to the F1 drivers and do his best to get his car into the pits without damage. Whatever transpires, Brad Pitt's attendance has increased the event's buzz beyond normal levels.

One of the most successful F1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton is also likely to be associated with Brad Pitt’s movie as he will be co-producing the film according to reports. Film crews are anticipated at more races this season. This weekend's shoot will be far more high-profile, with spectators able to witness sequences on-track and in the pit, which is outfitted with a full structure for duplicating tyre changes.

Pitt is depicted in a white suit and his character name, Sonny Hayes, is on a typical plaque that hangs over a car garage at Silverstone. The same is true of his co-star, British actor Damson Idris, who will play Joshua Pearce in the movie. The official synopsis of the movie says that Pitt portrays "a driver who comes out of retirement to contend alongside an emerging driver against the greats of the sport." Ehren Kruger, who also co-wrote "Top Gun: Maverick," is writing the screenplay, and Damson Idris will be co-starring in it.