The whole cricketing world was waiting for Indian cricketing star Virat Kohli's 71st century. While many vowed not to date or travel till Kohli scores his 71st century, one fan went a step ahead and vowed to not get married till he sees his favorite cricketer reach the three-figure mark. While the wait lasted for more than 2 years, it finally ended in Asia Cup 2022, when the 34-year-old scored a stunning century against Afghanistan. 

With the century, not just the King returned to his form but it seemed who world returned to normal. And once Kohli broke the 71st barrier, he started scoring centuries at will and completed his 74th hundred on Sunday. His century got extra special for one of his fans who got married on the day of Kohli's 166. 

The fan was the same spectator who showed a placard 'I Will Not Get Married Till Virat Kohli Scores his 71st' during a match. The fan, Aman Agarwal, took to Twitter and shared a collage where on one side he was seen holding the ' I Will Not Get Married Till Virat Kohli Scores his 71st' placard. And on the other side of the picture he was seen in a wedding sherwani posing in front of the TV where Kohli was celebrating his 74th century. 

"I asked for the 71st century but he scored 74th on my special day", tweeted Aman.

The picture has now gone viral with many congratulating him for getting married.  Virat Kohli is just 4 centuries away from breaking Sachin Tendulkar's record for making most centuries in ODIs. While the Master Blaster scored 49 centuries in his career, Kohli completed 46 on Sunday in 3rd ODI against Sri Lanka.