Picture Credit: Twitter/@F1

Picture Credit: Twitter/@F1

Red Bull drivers had a gala time in Monaco as Sergio Perez scored his third F1 victory on Sunday in Monaco ahead of Ferrari's Carlos Sainz, while Verstappen completed the podium in third place after rain and two red flags shook up the proceedings. Verstappen, the world championship leader, finished third, with Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc finishing fourth. The Monegasque started at pole position but slipped nine points behind the Dutch.

While the Red Bull drivers enjoyed podium finish in the recently concluded race, both were accused of failing to obey pit-lane exit rules after a pitstop and faced a protest from Ferrari. Ferrari has raised their protest against both Red Bull drivers for not being able to remain on the right side of the pit lane exit after their pit stops.

However, Ferrari's voice was soon ignored by the F1 stewards as they dismissed the protest, meaning Red Bull's victory stands and the race result is official. Ferrari's protest against Verstappen claimed that he put part of the left-front tyre over the yellow line at the pit exit, breaching the pre-race event notes and citing Yuki Tsunoda's breach at the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix as a precedent.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto explained his protest by saying, "We are disappointed because we believe a clear breach of regulations has occurred. I am confident that it was not close; instead, it was on the line, and if consider the intonation of the sporting code, it states crossing." In contrast, the stewards agreed with Red Bull's point of view, noting that Article 5 c of Chapter IV of Appendix L of the ISC states that at the pit exit, a car 'must not cross the line."

"In this case, the car didn't "cross" the line; to do so, it would have needed a full wheel to the left of the yellow line, but it didn't happen," the stewards said. Red Bull secured its fifth win of the 2022 season with a double-podium at the Monaco GP and has extended its lead in the championship standings with a 36-point gap to the Maranello-based team.