Formula 1: Here is how Max Verstappen can win his second championship at Singapore GP

Only twice before has the Formula 1 championship been won with five races remaining.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 28 September 2022 08:12 PM


The Singapore Grand Prix this week presents the first opportunity for Max Verstappen to clinch the Formula 1 World Championship. How great his form has been this season can be gauged from the fact that he now has a chance to finish the title race the earliest in two decades.

Th e Red Bull racer has already taken a 116-point lead ahead of the second-best racer this season who is Charles Leclerc. The 24-year-old's teammate Sergio Perez is another nine points behind him which go on to show the sheer domination of Leclerc who is currently on a career-best streak of five back-to-back wins. 

The only other racer who has a marginal but mathematically possible chance to become the champion is Mercedes' George Russell but that seems to be a remote possibility with him having to overcome a 132-point deficit.

Here is a look at all the possible permutations and combinations by which Verstappen can finish as the champions.

Notably, Verstappen finishing first will not be enough for him to win. If he wins with the fastest lap and gets the maximum 26 points, he will also have to hope that  Leclerc finishes eighth or lower and Perez finishes fourth or lower. Supposing, Verstappen wins the race but without the fastest lap, in this case, Leclerc should finish ninth or lower and Perez should finish fourth or lower without the fastest lap or fifth with the fastest lap.

Only twice before has the Formula 1 championship been won with five races remaining, the other two occasions being Michael Schumacher in 2002 who had won his fifth title with six races to go and Nigel Mansell who won it in 1992 with five races remaining.


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