Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Just days after the July Booyah Pass came in, the August Booyah Pass has also been revealed. New Free Fire leaks have been coming in one after another, and the specifics of the upcoming August Booyah Pass have been revealed months before its release. These leaks provide an in-depth overview of the content that players might come across in the coming days.

The Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 8 will have a Synthetic Strike theme which is expected to be available by early August and will be continued until 31 Aug 2023. The pass will feature both free and premium reward tracks, with exclusive rewards available in the paid version. The Premium track will cost 499 diamonds, while the Premium Plus version will cost 999 diamonds. The players can also purchase further levels using diamonds, but it is comparatively costly. 

Based on the leaks, the passes are likely to see the following rewards:

Level 1 – FAMAS Wisdom’s Vision (30 days)

Level 10 – Wining Insight Pants (free) and Foam of Wisdom Bundle

Level 20 – Synthetic Strike Avatar (free) and Synthetic Surge Avatar

Level 30 – Wisdom Container Loot Box

Level 40 – Motorbike Wisdom Cruiser

Level 50 – Wisdom Parachute (free) and Tech Flow Bundle

Level 60 – Synthetic Strike Banner (free) and Synthetic Surge Banner

Level 70 – Riding on Wisdom Skyboard

Level 80 – Grenade – Wisdom Explosion

Level 100 – FAMAS Wisdom’s Vision

Level 130 – Wisdom’s Edge

Level 140 – Weight of Wisdom Backpack

Level 150 – Sunbathing emoteLevel 151 and above – S8 Deluxe Box (Repeatable reward; claim a reward for every one BP level)

However, these are not yet officially confirmed and may change when the pass is released in the game. Players can also expect some pre-order bonuses and discounts on the pass during the first few days of August. The Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 8 is expected to bring a lot of excitement and fun to the players who love to collect exclusive items and skins.