free fire max angelic puma royale

Credit: X

One of the most popular royale battle games Free Fire is set to launch one of the most exciting events, the Angelic Puma Royale. With the event, the developers ensure features, items, and challenges to elevate the gaming experience for players across the globe. The event would feature stunning visuals, landscapes, and immersive environments, inspired by the majestic puma. 

As mentioned, the event will come with limited-time challenges that will enable players to participate in exciting missions and win exclusive rewards and bonuses. They will also allow them to test their skills, complete objectives and secure higher positions on the points table, over their competitors. The tournament is expected to kick off on April 10. 

Speaking of the rewards, the exciting list of rewards would include a Puma speedster jacket, a Puma speedster bottom, Angelic pants male, puma shoes, a t-shirt, and a pink skirt. Apart from them, players would also get a chance to win a Pet skin baseball bat skin, a Winterland weapon loot crate, an M4A1 weapon loot crate, a scar weapon loot crate, and an Mp5 weapon loot crate. 

According to leaks and reports, the price came with two diamond variants 1 spin for 9 diamonds and 10+1 spins for 90 diamonds.