Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The highly anticipated battle royale game, Free Fire India was expected to return to the Indian market on September 5. However, the launch was delayed by a "few more weeks," according to Garena, the gaming arm of Singaporean internet behemoth Sea. 

A day before the game was scheduled to make a comeback in the Indian market, on September 4, the announcement was made. However, popular Free Fire content maker GW Manish has now made a few references to the game's likely release date.

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In order to give "all of our Free Fire India fans" the "best possible experience," the firm said that it was delaying the introduction of Free Fire India. "In addition to refining the gameplay, we are taking some time to fully complete our localization of the Free Fire India experience," the official statement read.  

GW Manish in his recent address said that the launch date for Free Fire India is set for September 16. This predicted date was revealed by the well-known YouTuber, who has a sizable following of 4.35 million subscribers. Since Garena's announcement, fans have been anticipating the game's debut with great anticipation.

Due to security concerns and rising tensions with China, the Indian government outlawed the popular battle royale game Free Fire in February 2022. It was a fantastic alternative to PUBG Mobile since, unlike PUBG Mobile, it functioned with both high-end and low-end mobile devices.