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German tennis player Alexander Zverev has been put in a predicament as he is set to be tried for his domestic violence trial in Berlin just four days after the French Open first-round clash against Rafael Nadal. The 2024 Roland Garros could be Nadal's last because of which this opening-round clash against  Alexander Zverev has received a lot of media coverage.

The domestic violence incident involving  Zverev  and then-girlfriend  Brenda Patea occurred in May 2020, after which Pateta accused the German tennis star last year. The Olympic gold medalist was fined 450,000 Euros in November 2023.   Before Patea there had been another of Zverev's partners, tennis player Olga Sharipova, who had accused him of domestic violence. 

Zverev to be tried for domestic violence 4 days after playing Nadal

The trial that begins against him in Berlin next Friday, May 31  at the Tiergarten district court,  which is four days after his Roland Garros opener against Rafa Nadal. As per BBC, the case will not be heard over consecutive dates. After the start of the case on May 31, the court will be in session on  June  7, 11, 18 and 21 followed by  July   5, 12 and 19 - a period during which the French Open and Wimbledon will take place.

I do believe in the German system :  Alexander Zverev  on his case

Ahead of the French Open 2024, Alexander Zverev was about his domestic violence case to which German responded by stating he trusts the justice system and he was certain about his innocence.  Zverev said,  "Not at all (on my mind). Because at the end of the day, I do believe in the German system. I do believe in the truth as well. I have to be certain that, you know, I do know what I did, I do know what I didn't do. That's, at the end of the day, what's going to come out, and I have to trust in that." 

"Everything else is out of my hands. Not out of my hands, but I do believe that I'm not going to lose this procedure… There's absolutely no chance I am. So that's why I can play calmly, and I think my results have been showing it. Winning Rome is a big title, as well, and obviously being here and if it would be on my mind I wouldn't be playing the way l am," he added.