In a shocking turn of events, a murder was committed during a village cricket match in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Dehat district. The incident unfolded when one of the batters, enraged after being bowled, took an extreme step and attacked the bowler, who eventually passed away after being taken to a nearby hospital.

As per the local police, the cricket match took place on Monday at the Rahati Khalsa village, around 20 km from Kanpur. Sachin Singh was identified as the victim of the crime as he and his friends were playing at a ground outside the village. Here, Hargovind, one of the batters, was clean bowled by Singh’s delivery. 

Eyewitnesses at the incident stated that Hargovind was furious with the dismissal and hence refused to leave the field. He also called his brother as the pair attacked Sachin Singh before strangling him to death. Later it was also revealed that Hargovind and Sachin Singh had a INR 10 bet on whether Singh could get Hargovind’s wicket. 

Coming back to the incident, after being attacked, Sachin Singh was taken to a Community Health Centre in Ghatampur by other kids on the ground, who also informed the victim’s parents. Later the doctors at the CHC declared Singh to be dead. 

Soon a police case was registered against Hargovind and his brother. Police stated that they have started the search and are on the lookout for the pair. The police faced another problem as locals started demonstrations as the authorities didn’t hand them over . Sachin Singh’s body amidst postmortem examination.