Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

In an interesting turn of events, a man invaded the field of play during a football match between Dutch teams in the Netherlands. This incident took place on March 18 (Saturday) in a lower division football match between VV Veenhuizen and Vitesse ‘63. The man, said to be a neighbour residing in the locality where the match was taking place, drove between and halted the match.


However not much is known about the incident but it has been reported that the man got furious after his horse was left frightened after young fans set up fireworks in the vicinity of the locality prior to the start of the match. The angry man, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, confronted the home team’s coach before taking his scooter on the pitch as the game was on.


Watch the video here:


However, the game resumed when the man left the field with the home team Veenhuizen losing the match. The club chairman Kees van der Leest addressed the incident to the media outlet ‘The Sun’. “It was annoying. We don’t want to be a burden to anyone, but we have to monitor safety on the field. We know the neighbour. He played for us in his youth. We will talk with him. I think he acted out of emotion,” he told.

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