The turbulent footballing couple of Galatasaray striker Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara is once against making headlines as the former Inter Milan forward shared a half-naked picture of his partner. The couple has had an extremely colourful relationship where they often seem to be together and other times they are on the verge of separating.

Recently the Argentine striker posted several photos with Wanda on the occasion of their tenth anniversary. In this photo dump, he also shared a half-naked picture of Nara, who was seen sleeping in her bed. The picture was captioned alluding to the fact they are still together. The caption said, "Everyone likes her but I'm the one taking the picture." 

But Icardi soon deleted that photo and many other similar ones from his Instagram account. He also shared a massive love letter for Wanda Narra talking about her importance in his life. "She, my wife, my only love, my Queen in this realm of life, the mother of my daughters... I love you," he began.

"Ten years of love in which we had to go through millions of beautiful things. Others not so good, to fight against envy, bad vibes, insults, to get off many 'clowns' who wanted to get on this train that only we know how much it cost, how much we gave of ourselves to have and to be what we are today. I love you, and I will love you all my life my beautiful Queen," the note further continued.

Along with being Icardi’s wife, Nara is also his agent. Icardi joined Galatasaray on loan from PSG last summer. In France, the Argentine had 38 goals and 10 assists in 92 games for PSG, before which he had a successful spell with Inter Milan. The 30-year-old registered 124 goals and 29 assists for the Nerazzurri. 

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