Former Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem slammed NBA Hall of Famer and Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce for criticising fellow Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade. The Truth has previously also criticised Wade and called himself to be a better player than the Miami Heat guard. But in a recent podcast appearance, Pierce reiterated this fact and further talked about Wade has had better teammates which led to his glittering career. 

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Reacting to these comments, Udonis Haslem defended his former teammate and shared that these podcasts infected individuals like Paul Pierce with verbal diarrhoea as they have a platform to say anything without rhyme or reason. Commenting on an Instagram post for the podcast, UD wrote, “These podcasts have muhf— getting diarrhoea out the mouth!!!!”

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Coming back to Paul Pierce’s comments, on the It Is What It Is podcast, the Celtics star talked about how if he had players Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James and Chris Bosh on his team, he would have won multiple championships. He also argued about being a better three-point shooter and an overall more versatile scorer than Wade.

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Paul Pierce said, “Put Shaq [O’Neal] on my team, put LeBron [James] and Bosh with me! I’m not going to win one? You don’t think? Me, LeBron and Bosh. We’re not gonna win one? We’re not gonna win a couple?"

“Who’s the better three-point shooter? Is he [Wade] a better scorer? He averaged more points than me [in my] career. I can shoot the three, mid-range [and] I can post up. I can get to the [free throw] line. … Just break it down!"