Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was by far the most popular Battle Royale game in India, but due to privacy and security reasons, it was banned in Indian stores in July 2022. After months of getting banned, no official news about the return of the game is given by the government or Krafton, however,  Kronten, who is the owner of Godlike ESports, offered his opinions on the likelihood of the game returning to India in light of the current circumstances.

Many violent and other highly-concerning incidents took place in the country that involved BGMI and the Government of India decided to ban the game in the country, however, many users believed that the ban will be uplifted soon in India.

Currently, Kronten is preparing to shift to Dubai as he believes that the title won't be returning any time soon. He said, "I think BGMI's release may not happen anytime soon. In this case, GodLike players might relocate to Dubai. In Dubai, we already have everything prepared, including a firm. To make the switch, the players simply require passports."

In recent months, there have been many rumours that it may return, but those rumours haven't come true. According to recent speculations, the game was supposed to make a comeback in April or May. But April as well as more than half of May is over and given the current circumstances, it is extremely improbable to occur.

The users of the popular game are waiting eagerly for the game to reopen its business in India. Although the users who had the game installed on their phones before the ban can still play it, without any further updates or changes in the game.