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The Skyesports management released a statement to announce their decision to disqualify GodLike Esports from the ongoing Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) event for violating its fair play regulations. It was revealed in the statement that a player named GODL-GILL, who wasn’t registered with GodLike Esports, participated in the Skyesports Champions Series event on their behalf.

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In their recent post on their Instagram account about GodLike Esports, Skyesports spoke about how they did “a meticulous review of the recent event during the Skyesports Champions series semi-finals on day 5.” They stated that the player GODL-Pookie of the GodLike Esports was “implicated in irregularities” during the Skysports Champions Series event.

The point of contention was the “claim made by the team regarding the secondary account, GODL-Pookie, belonging to GODL-ZGOD has been investigated thoroughly.”

Skyesports did further scrutiny of the matter to get official confirmation from GodLike Esports, who indicated that the account wasn’t operated by GODL-ZGOD on the Skyesports Champions Series semi-finals on Day 5. Furthermore, GODL-GILL, a player who wasn’t registered with GodLike Esports, was participating in the event, while operating the account.

“In light of these findings, it has been determined that player ringing has taken place, thereby violating the fair play regulations of the SCS Event. Consequently, we regret to inform that Godlike Esports is hereby disqualified from further participation in the ongoing SCS event. We uphold the integrity of our competitions and remain committed to maintaining a level playing field for all participants,” the statement concluded.