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Former professional golfer and current social media influencer Paige Spiranac opened up on the criticism and abuses she has to deal with on social media on a regular basis for wearing revealing clothes in her golfing videos and recently she settled the query of many by answering whether she is a golfer or a stripper in her "Life Update: My Next Chapter" video. The blonde bombshell teased a career change from golf to dancer in the video on YouTube.

The 30-year-old Paige was once named the world's sexiest woman by Maxim and w ith over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 800,000 followers on Twitter, she boasts more social media followers than the likes of legendary Tiger Woods and former World No.1 Rory Mcllroy.

Many people asked Paige if she is a golfer or a dancer as she regularly posts  steamy social media snaps and her exclusive content on the OnlyPaige website. The golf influencer released a video on her YouTube channel where  she appeared to enter the world of pole dancing under a new name 'Sandy Mounds'. The video is a spoof as Paige miserably attempts failed pole-dancing techniques, then went on to replace the steel poles with graphite poles and shafts.

Watch the video here:

Paige also talked about the costumes she needed to select for her new career as she is popular for her skimpy golf outfits and said, "My outfits have always been a big identifier of who I was as a golfer. I mean it was the only reason why anyone knew my name. Anyways, umm, besides these massive boobs, but it really was what people looked at and they were like that girl, she looks like a stripper."

Paige posts pictures from her video:

Paige took to her Twitter handle on Friday and shared "some fun facts" about her stripper video. She talked about the inspiration behind her viral video, a provocative red dress that get her into trouble, and Sandy Mounds to live forever among others.

Before finalizing Sandy Mounds as a stage name for her pole dancing career, Paige came up with stage names like "T*ts McGavin" and "Alpha Jugs." When the time arrives for her debut stage performance as a stripper, Paige failed miserably and ran off the stage moments after getting heavily booed by the audience.