The Legends League Cricket has presented a brilliant interaction between Harbhajan Singh and Shoaib Akhtar, where the pair is seen pulling each other’s leg. This fun conversation was captured on the Pakistan fast bowler’s YouTube channel where he has been posting a vlog series about the tournament. 

Singh and Akhtar discussed games from their playing days. Akhtar spoke about how he smashed the sixes against Harbhajan in the Faisalabad Test. But Bhajji was quick to remind Akhtar that he didn’t sledge him for his maximums. The Turbanator went on to remind Akthar about the time when he hit the fast bowler for sixes in an Asia Cup match in 2010. Singh also spoke about how Akhtar was extremely livid after the boundaries.

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Recalling the Faisalabad Test, Akthar said, “He was bowling so good in Faisalabad, then I hit him for two sixes!” In reply to these comments, Harbhajan brought back the memories of the Asia Cup match and said, “I didn’t say anything to you when you hit those two sixes. But when I hit a six against you, you said so many things!” 

“Should I tell everyone what you said? You actually started it,” Akhtar hit back at the Indian  spinner. Here, Harbhajan had a blunt response as he said, “I didn’t start. He just got angry, how can he hit a six against me!” Akhtar was then  seen playfully hitting  Harbhajan Singh, to which the Indian said, “When he can’t win with words, he starts hitting people.”

Watch the video here:

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