credit: Twitter

credit: Twitter

UFC star Conor McGregor and social media sensation Hasbulla are two of the most talked about celebrities in the world. While McGregor is closely watched by the media for being a high-valuable name in the mixed martial world, Hasbulla is equally adorable and hot property on social media. In a fresh development, Hasbulla has been hilariously blamed for recent road accident of Conor McGregor, who was out on a bicycle on January 27.

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The UFC legend recently revealed that while he went out to ride his bicycle, he met with a tragic accident as the Irishman was struck by a car that was going top speed. In a post, that was later deleted by the MMA fighter, McGregor wrote, "Got a bang of a car just now from behind. A sun trap, the driver could not see me. Full speed straight thru me. Thank you God, it wasn’t my time," McGregor wrote.

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Meanwhile, netizens have drew weird dimension to the McGregor’s accident and many claimed that it was Hasbulla who was driving the car and smash the MMA fighter. Check out the memes.

McGregor has not fought since breaking his leg in defeat to American fighter Dustin Poirier in July 2021. In October, UFC president Dana White confirmed McGregor had been removed from the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s testing pool, making him ineligible to compete. McGregor fueled speculation of a return to action in 2023 however, by tweeting his intention to re-enter the pool.

The UFC legend recently announced that the UFC had been in contact him with regarding being a coach in the upcoming season of TUF, with Tony Feruson expected to be the man in the opposite corner.

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