Khaleel Ahmed has emerged to become one of the pillars of the Delhi Capitals' bowling lineup. The left-arm pacer was the second-best bowler for DC in IPL 2022 with 16 wickets in just 10 matches. Ahmed also has represented India in ODIs and T20Is. The pacer has 28 wickets from 15 international games played so far. But it took a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this level. 

Ahmed has also revealed how tough it was for him to convince his parents, especially his father. The pacer, who hails from Tonk, Rajasthan has revealed that he used to get beaten up by his father for not doing the chores asked. 

“I have three older sisters, and my father was a compounder in the Tonk district. So when daddy used to go to his job, I had to do things like going to buy groceries, milk, or vegetables. I used to go to play in between, which meant that household work would remain incomplete.”

“My mother would complain about it to my father, who would look at me and ask me where I was. I used to be on the ground. He used to be very angry because I didn’t study or do any work. He thrashed me with a belt too, which left marks on my body. My sisters would treat those wounds at night,” he told Aakash Chopra on Jio Cinema.

“My father was a compounder, so he wanted me to become a doctor or do something in that field. He just wanted to ensure that I didn’t face any difficulties in the future. Once I progressed a bit in cricket, he started supporting me. He told me to play cricket and said his pension would take care of me if I failed to make a career out of it.”