In the recent episode of the RCB Podcast season 2, former Indian captain Virat Kohli spoke about a bizarre fan interaction after his poor 2014 season. While speaking to podcast host Danish Sait, Kohli revealed how a fan confronted him and asked him to score a century on their flight back home from England. 

Kohli stated that he wasn’t very happy with his comments and further gave him a savage reply to shut him up. The Indian batter spoke about how the person who confronted him was a massive MS Dhoni fan hailing from Chennai. 

The former RCB captain said, “A guy walked in who was a huge MS Dhoni fan and was from Chennai. So just as I got up from my seat, that guy saw me and went 'Kohli, what's going on? 'I expect a hundred from you in the next game'.” 

Talking about Virat Kohli’s reply, the Delhi-born batter asked the fan to become the chairman of his company in the next three months. The fan further expressed this demand was impossible and understood Kohli’s predicament.  

"I was young that flicked the switch in me. I asked him which company did he work for and what was his position, and told him that he should become the chairman in next three months. When he said how was that possible, I tried to make him understand that even I was trying hard but it isn't a video game," said Kohli.

Further in the podcast, Kohli revealed that the fan after giving him tips approached MS Dhoni and started giving him advice. Virat talked about how Dhoni patiently heard him before the entire team started teasing the fan by calling him 'Coach’.  

The 33-year-old said, “Till then the entire team started shouting 'Coach! Coach!' as he was trying to coach everyone and that's when he laughed it off and went back to his seat. It was a funny moment."

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