Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

In the official Battlegrounds Mobile India event, BGIS 2023, underdog teams compete against prominent BGMI teams. The first significant event following the lifting of Battlegrounds Mobile India's prohibition will be BGIS 2023.

The prize fund for the forthcoming edition of the India Series will be a uniform $243,000 (roughly). One million dollars in cash were awarded as prizes in 2021. Now that Krafton doubled the prize money for this upcoming season, the competition is fiercer and more alluring for both competitors and fans.

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Everyone will have the chance to demonstrate their skills and talents at the BGIS 2023. Fans who have waited patiently for the game to return are also experiencing the enthusiasm, not just the players. They are now eager to see their favourite team in action once more and are full of expectation and enthusiasm.

Check the registration process for BGIS 2023:

  • Visit the website and complete the team information, including each player's government-issued identification (such as an A a dhaar card), in-game name and character id, team name, and email address.
  • Once all information has been completed successfully, click "Submit."

However, the registration process has not yet been made available online; once the website has been updated, it will do so shortly (1–2 days).