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Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is nearing the historic benchmark of crossing 900 career goals as the 39-year-old has registered 891 career goals, which includes 763 goals for various clubs he played and 128 for his national side, which is also a record in football history. With the talks over his future considering his age, Ronaldo cleared that retirement is no way off for him. 

Currently representing the Saudi Club Al-Nassr in Riyadh, Cristiano has been in exceptional form with the five-time Ballon d’Or securing 48 goals this season. On a Whoop podcast about his future and retirement plans, Ronaldo said, “I feel proud to have this age and still compete at the highest level. It’s great and it gives me motivation to carry on. If you look at my career for the last 20 years, my level is high.”

He further added, “If you are top for 20 years, it’s unbelievable. I do that and I continue to do that. For me, it’s a big achievement.” Adding on his motivation to play at this age, Ronaldo said, “My biggest motivation is to carry on. It’s not easy to be at this level. To still push, to still motivate, to carry on, to score goals, to be in good shape, to compete with the young lions that are coming and then when they play against me.”

Ronaldo set to lead Portugal in Euro 2024

Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo has some important business to finish which includes leading his Middle East club to the King Cup of Champions final and also putting an extra shot for his country Portugal in the continental glory in the summer’s European championship. Euro 2024 is set to kickstart on June 15.