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Fans from all over the world are currently outraged at the ‘racism’ situation in La Liga. This outrage was sparked by the incident during the Real Madrid vs Valencia game when Vinicius Jr. was hit with racist chants from Valencia fans. The Brazilian put out an angry tweet to which Javier Tebas replied criticizing Vinicius Jr saying ‘You (Vinicius Jr) have not shown up to the two agreed dates’ in which he is referring to the hearings for the previous accusations. The LaLiga president has now apologized to Vinicius Jr for his angry reply in a press conference. 

The president said that he hasn’t yet spoken to the player but apologized for his hasty tweet as he said, “I didn’t want to criticize Vinicius. My frustration was my mistake. I understand that Vinicius is frustrated because he doesn’t understand about the division of powers (for dealing with racism), but I’m also frustrated because I do know about it and there were no sanctions.” Under Spanish law, the league can only report cases of racism and not impose sanctions on anyone. 

The La Liga president further added that eliminating racism is not 100% possible but Laliga has appealed to the government to give them more power in such cases. He also complained that no other body had supported La Liga when it filed legal complaints about racism in stadiums, especially when it came to the case of Vinicius. He further lauded Vinicius as a player and mentioned that he might win the Ballon d’Or someday. Tebas insisted that Spain is not a racist country and they are working on reviving their reputation.