Since being traded for each other in the 2018 NBA draft, Luka Doncic and Trae Young have been often compared to each other at every step of their career. Addressing these comparisons, the Atlanta Hawks guard has revealed that he tries to stay away from these conversations and rather shares a great relationship with Doncic.

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While speaking to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green on his podcast, Young further spoke about how his only goal has always been to win an NBA championship. He further expressed that this achievement of winning the title would end all comparisons with his peers.

"I don't even stress over it no more," Young said. "I know the real ones get it. For me, once I win a championship, it'll even open up more eyes to what I've really done. Especially to some of my peers that I'm compared with. To be honest, I have no hate towards nobody, especially Luka.”

“We talk all the time, we got a lot of love for each other, a lot of respect for each other. There's different agendas... eventually, people are gonna understand what it is and realize that it's not that far off. We kinda do the same things. We're different in size, but he can play, I can play. We can both hoop," Trae Young further continued.

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Further in the interview, Trae Young also spoke about being one of the very few players in the league, who is on a five-year $215,159,700 max contract with the Hawks. Young talked about he definitely feels the responsibility of the contract but doesn’t allow it to affect his daily grind to get better. 

He said, “I think, me getting that max contract came with a lot of responsibility. And for me, that’s how I look at it. No matter what someone else says about me or expects me to do for myself or for my team. Nobody has higher expectations than me. I did get the max but my mindset never changed. I want more. And once I get that, what came with it. The more scrutiny, the more expectations rise when you get that type of stuff. I understand that and I accept it.”