Former West Indies cricketer who also played for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League, Chris Gayle talked about his bonding with RCB teammate Virat Kohli. Gayle revealed how fun it was for him to bat with Kohli. The batter also praised Kohli for his work ethic and passion for the game. 

Talking about his time with Kohli, Gayle said that it was always fantastic batting with the former India captain. 

“We had some great memories batting together. Those moments we will always cherish. Those dance moves off the field also, I am sure you can see them on social media, I will cherish those things as well,” remarked Gayle in an episode of ‘My Time with Virat’, available exclusively on JioCinema. “Batting with Virat was just fantastic. I like the passion he has for the game. I like his passion and his work ethic, it’s fantastic. You have to give him credit for that and he wants to show it with his performances.”

Gayle also narrated an incident from the time when Kohli was shocked after the West Indies batter snatched the orange cup from him. 

“One thing I remember, just to go back a bit, I remember Virat was the Orange Cap holder one particular season. I was getting runs but he was more of the guy at the time scoring a lot of runs. Then, bam bam, two or three games, whatever the case may be, I became the Orange Cap holder. He was like, ‘man this guy just came in, bang bang bang, and became the Orange Cap holder?’ It was just a funny thing that I’ll always remember,” said Gayle. 

Gayle also talked about the pair's dance moves.  “Sharing a dressing room with Virat and the other guys, once I am there, I am always jovial and having a lot of fun, dancing and everything like that,” said Gayle. “I’d show them a few moves and realise Virat’s got the skills. He can move, you know. But if it’s an Indian dance, Chris Gayle will win. if it’s a Caribbean dance, Chris Gayle will win!”