In the latest Breakfast with Champions episode, Indian fast bowler Mohammed Siraj revealed an interesting story where his dengue was cured miraculously before a U23 game for Hyderabad. Siraj has been one of India’s spearhead pacers with his express pace and wiley swing-bowling ability. 

In his journey to the top, Mohammed Siraj has fought a lot of hardships as he came from humble beginnings. In this climb towards the top of Indian cricket, Siraj was fast-tracked into the Hyderabad side after some big performances in tennis-ball cricket. Talking about one such U23 game, Siraj was diagnosed with dengue and was hospitalised for his treatment.

But when Mohammed Siraj told his coach about his illness, the Hyderabad coach gave him an ultimatum and stated that if he doesn’t show up for practice, he will be dropped from the side. After hearing this statement,  Siraj talked to his father, who helped him out of the hospital and took him to the ground. 

Here in the Hyderabad U23 practice, the Royal Challengers Bangalore fast bowler miraculously recovered and performed incredibly well. Siraj thanked the prayers of his parent. While speaking to Gaurav Kapoor, Mohammed Siraj said, "My name came in the U23 squad, but I had to be hospitalized due to Dengue. I was told by my coach that I would be removed from the team if I don't go to practice.”

“So my father helped me escape from the hospital and I reached the ground for practice. Miraculously, I could bat, bowl and field well and it just didn't seem like I had dengue. I went back later and did the tests and there was absolutely no dengue. I still believe it's a miracle, possibly due to the prayers of my parents,"  Mohammed Siraj  further continued in the interview. 

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