I think he is struggling with himself to make this decision: Ralf Schumacher on Sebastian Vettel's future in Formula One

The Aston Martin driver is currently at 12th position in F1 standings, with 35 points to his name including one podium.

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Updated - 03 September 2021 06:46 PM


The F1 2021 season is at its half-way mark and it is only natural that talks about the next season have already started. Teams are looking to lock in their driver line-ups for 2022 and Kimi Raikkonen's sudden retirement has certainly opened up the drivers' market once again. With so much uncertainty around the future of George Russell and Valtteri Bottas, there is one more driver who has raised a few eyebrows with his recent comments.

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Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel has been one of the most impressive drivers in F1 grid this season. However, the 4-time world champion finds himself in a mid-field battle unlike the old times where he used to challenge for titles. Although Vettel was expected to be in the Aston Martin seat next year as well, he did put doubts in everyone's mind when he denied to confirm his availability for 2022 season. One of the reasons could be Vettel's difference of opinions with FIA seen in recent times.

Is Vettel losing patience with FIA?

The 34-year-old has had quite a dramatic year having found himself in the middle of quite a lot of things. Vettel has been quite vocal about his opinions which have not gone down well with FIA. He was reprimanded for wearing rainbow-coloured t-shirt during his protest against country's legislation ahead of Hungarian Grand Prix.

Vettel has continued to raise his voice without fear this weekend as well. While backing the protest group Extinction Rebellion who are planning a protest at the Dutch Grand Prix to raise awareness about climate change, he said, "If you ask me how I would respond, there’s a lot of things that Formula 1 is planning to do, some small things that Formula 1 is taking action on, which is good. But is it enough? No, it’s not enough."

I think Vettel is just in the process of finding it: Ralf Schumacher

Talking about Vettel's future in F1, former German driver Ralf Schumacher believes that the Aston Martin driver is struggling with himself to make this decision. He said, "I think he (Vettel) is just in the process of finding it. Does he still want to do that to himself or does he not want to? He has to decide that for himself. I think that’s why he hesitates and quarrels a bit. That is his personal decision. Do I prefer to be with the children or do I go full throttle again?”

With so much going on inside Vettel's head with regards to matters both on and off the track, it will be interesting to see how things unfold in the next few days.


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