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American pop star Rihanna stole the show during Super Bowl LVII with her brilliant halftime performance at the  State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona . Fans showered praise for the Umbrella singer, but WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg didn’t enjoy her performance and the former WWE champion felt 'disgusted'.

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Rihanna’s halftime performance had 118.7 million viewers, which was far more than the game with 113 million viewers. But Goldberg, while talking on the "CarCast" podcast, expressed his disappointment with the halftime show. 

When co-host of the podcast, Matt D'Andria described it as 'kind of boring', Goldberg said his comment was the ‘understatement of the year’. The former WWE star said,  "I thought Rihanna was fricken' horrible. I was disgusted by it, let's just say that... That's the understatement of the year. I thought it was disgusting. I thought it was horrible."

But this sentiment wasn’t shared by Goldberg’s WWE colleague MVP, who called out the Hall of Famer for his comments and questioned what was so disgusting about the performance? He also stated how people are not bothered by a presidential candidate bragging about committing heinous actions towards women or a first lady sharing derogatory images. 

Taking to Twitter, MVP said, "I've noticed that a lot of the people that find Rihanna offensive or are ‘disgusted’ by her performance at the SB are not at all bothered by a presidential candidate bragging about "grabbing women by the (cat emoji) or a first lady posting nude. Interesting…" 

MVP further questioned Twitter users and asked them why so many people felt Rihanna’s performance was so offensive. "Serious question. I didn't see the SB halftime show. What was it about her performance that some people find so offensive?" he added.

Talking about the Super Bowl  LVII, the Patrick Mahomes-led Kanas City Chiefs edged out Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles in a close 38-35 finish. But teams were going blow by blow throughout the game but Mahomes and Chiefs held on to their slender lead to win the 2023 Super Bowl. 

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