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Former Indian pacer Shoaib Akhtar has recently made an interesting revelation that he was offered to captain the Pakistan side but denied it citing his fitness issue. In an illustrious 14 years career, Akhtar scalped 444 wickets to his name but never led the team at the highest level. In his latest interaction with Suno News HD, Akhtar revealed he was not fit enough to lead the side and could only play three out of five matches.

"I was not fit enough. I could play three matches out of five. I was offered the captaincy in 2002, but then I would have played only 1.5 to 2 years. I supported my teammates, but the board was very unstable. There was mismanagement all over the board. Pakistan itself had faced mismanagement at that time," Akhtar revealed.

Former Pak pacer further revealed that he supported his teammates and board, but PCB was very unstable at that time. “There was mismanagement all over the board. Pakistan itself had faced mismanagement at that time. Pakistan itself had faced mismanagement at that time,” Akhtar said. “When your culture endures mediocrity, every person in power is mediocre. The mediocrity continues to increase. You see what the state is today. Is there anything we can manage right now? Nothing. Everyone runs away from responsibility,” Akhtar added.

Babar Azam is not a brand: Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar recently made headlines when he stated that Pakistan captain Babar Azam is not a brand as he is not able to speak fluent English. 

“You can see there is not character in the team, nor do they know how to talk. How awkward it looks when they come to the presentation. How difficult it is to learn English? Cricket is one job, and handling media is another. If you can’t speak, I am sorry, but you won’t be able to express yourself on TV," Akhtar was quoted as saying to Suno News.