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It has been almost two months since India’s wicketkeeper batter Rishabh Pant met  with a horrific car accident while he was on his way to meet his mother. Pant has been recovering from his injuries since then and has been missing all the cricketing action. The 25-year-old is still far from fully fit but there is a massive update about Pant’s recovery. 

The wicketkeeper has spoken in the media for the first time after his accident and has provided a major update on his recovery process. Pant has said that he is recovering well and will be fit very soon. 

“I am much better now and making some good progress with my recovery. Hopefully, with the grace of God, and the support of the medical team, I will be fully fit very soon,” Pant was quoted saying by IANS. 

The cricketer then also talked about how this accident has changed his perspective towards things in life. Pant has said that he feels grateful for even being able to brush his teeth again and sit under the sun. 

“It is hard for me to say if everything around me has become more positive or even negative. However, I've gained a fresh perspective on how I view my life now. Something I value today is enjoying my life to the fullest and this includes the smallest of things that we ignore in our daily routine,” Pant said. 

“Everyone today is hustling and working extremely hard to achieve something special, but we've forgotten to enjoy the little things which give us joy every single day. Especially after my accident, I've found happiness in even being able to brush my teeth every day as well as something like sitting under the sun.”

When he was asked about how much is he missing cricket, the wicketkeeper batter said that he can’t express the feeling as his life revolves around the game. However, Pant assured that he will be back on the field soon.

“I think it's difficult to say how much I miss cricket because my life literally revolves around it, but I am focusing on getting back to my feet now and I cannot wait to get back to doing what I love the most, to play cricket,” said the 25-year-old.