Former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh has expressed his regret over the 'slap gate' incident which took place during a match between Punjab Kings (then Kings XI Punjab) and Mumbai Indians at the IS Bindra, Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) in 2008. The shocking incident left the former Indian pacer S Sreesanth in tears as he was seen sobbing in the middle after the conclusion of the game.

In his latest interaction with Sreesanth, Harbhajan Singh extended his apology to his former teammate and admitted his mistake which left him with massive embarrassment. While the incident brought massive blot to the Indian Premier League, Harbhajan Singh, who was leading Mumbai Indians in the absence of Sachin Tendulkar, was banned from playing remaining of the matches in IPL 2008. Notably, Shaun Pollock was named the interim skipper following the incident until Sachin returned to the action.

In his recent video interaction with the pacer, Harbhajan Singh said, "What happened was wrong, it was wrong from my side. I made a mistake. My teammate and I had to face embarrassment. A real man is someone who admits his mistake. If I have to undo one mistake that I made during my playing days, it was probably that mistake I had with Sreesanth. It should not have happened, If I think about it now, I feel there was no need of such action," Singh said. 

The clip of the video was shared by Glancescreen on Twitter in which Sreesanth can be seen listening to his senior pro with utmost sincerity and composure.

Singh further opined that when players are involved in the game emotionally, they tend to make mistakes and get carried away often, but the important thing is the realization of the mistake and sincere apology.

"The best I can do is I can apologise to the other person with a pure heart. I cannot really change what happened but all I can say it was my mistake and everyone makes mistakes," Harbhajan concluded.