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The new Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Mohsin Naqvi wants assurances from the Board for Control of Cricket in India and BCCI Secretary Jay Shah about Team India's participation i n the Champions Trophy 2025. The one-day ICC tournament is slated to be hosted in Pakistan, hence India's participation has been under doubt, especially due to the differences between the two countries.

These geopolitical issues pushed the 2023 Asia Cup, partially, out of Pakistan with India playing all its matches in Sri Lanka. Hence ahead of the Champions Trophy, Naqvi and the PCB worried about India's participation. Further, the PCB CEO will plan to speak to the ICC and the BCCI secretary at the ICC Executive Board meeting in Dubai.

Biggest worry for the PCB is whether India will send its team: PCB source

As per PTI, a PCB source was quoted saying,  "The biggest worry for the PCB is whether India will send its team to Pakistan and there is no repeat of last year's Asia Cup issues.  This is an ICC event and Pakistan went last year to India for the World Cup. Naqvi will try to convince the ICC and BCCI that they need to confirm that India will be coming to Pakistan as early as possible as it will help promote the CT for them."

"Naqvi will try to assure the BCCI representatives that with elections (in Pakistan) completed and a new government in place, there will be no security or other concerns for them to play in Pakistan," the source continued.

Only the Indian government can decide and BCCI will have to follow: BCCI source

The PTI report, further, questioned a BCCI official on India's Champions Trophy participation. The official shared that the decision will be in the hands of the Indian government. The source said,  "Playing in Pakistan is something that only the Indian government can decide and BCCI will have to follow the government diktat. Also, it is too early to even ask for the government’s permission and if their new chairman is expecting some kind of assurance in March 2024 for a tournament in Feb-March 2025, he is mistaken."