credit: Twitter

credit: Twitter

Jake Paul and KSI have been at odds with each other for a long time and they don’t lose a single opportunity to beef with each other. Jake was slated to fight Nate Diaz but there are rumors that the fight could be in jeopardy. Reportedly, The New Orleans police have an arrest warrant out for Nate Diaz for second-degree battery after he was caught on video in a street brawl with a Logan Paul look-alike. The fight could be in trouble if this is not sorted out by August 5.

KSI replied to a tweet that reported news of the arrest warrant for Nate Diaz and put forward a prospect of him replacing Nate in the fight while also confidently claiming that he will KO Joe Fournier in May. KSI tweeted, "Well if that means Jake won’t have an opponent in August…Then I’ll gladly come as the replacement after I KO Joe Fournier in May."

Jake Paul accepted KSI as the backup opponent and explained some of the rules to his nemesis. The American Youtuber turned boxer tweeted, "Great. I accept you as the backup opponent. Fight is at 185. There are no rehydration clauses. Stay in shape and we will give you a call if needed. Thanks buddy for being so humble and committed."

Meanwhile, this back-and-forth between KSI and Logan Paul was noticed by Nate Diaz who opined that these two should probably fight and he will ‘fight someone who can really fight’. He tweeted, "Lol why Dont u to scared pussys just fight each other august. I’ll fight someone who can really fight."

The two parties have negotiated the terms many times so far but never came to a conclusion. There still has to be compromise from both sides to make this fight happen. KSI is due to compete in the main event of MF & DZN X Series 7 on May 13 and fight Joe Fournier.