Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Barcelona legend Dani Alves has reportedly stated that he is ready to accept whatever punishment he is given after being arrested for s exually assaulting a woman at a Barcelona nightclub on 31 December. Spanish media reported this comment which Alves made to his cellmates.

The Brazilian superstar was transferred from the regular prison to a special high-security jail called Brians 2 prison on January 28. The judge assigned to handle the alleged sexual assault case has transferred Alves to this high-security prison for his own safety. Additionally, Alves’ sentencing is unconditional and non-bailable.

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Currently, Dani Alves is sharing a cell with Ronaldinho’s former bodyguard, who is monitoring him after there were concerns about his mental state. As reported by Sport, Alves is calmer about his future though. 

He said, “The footballer has stayed out of prison; the Dani Alves who is here is just another person. I will accept whatever comes. I left home when I was 15 years old, and I have overcome very difficult and complicated situations in my life. This will be one more that will pass. I'm not afraid of anything.”

Alves’s former teammate and Barcelona manager Xavi expressed his shock about the arrest. He talked about how he felt sorry for Dani which trigged many to question the Spaniard for being over-sympathetic towards the Brazilian. Hence the Barca manager had to release a statement condemning Alves’ action. 

“What I said about Alves was misinterpreted, perhaps I was not strong enough," he said. “I ignored the victim; all these acts must be condemned, whether Dani or anyone else does it. I apologise; it was unfortunate. It is a very tough subject, but I forgot to talk about the victims. All these types of acts must be condemned, both in gender violence and in rapes.”

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