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The Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway was overjoyed as she reacted to a special message to Belgium forward Leandro Trossard, who plays for his favourite football club,  Arsenal. Hathaway caught the eyes of football fans when expressed her loyalty towards the North London Premier League club during the promotions for her film, The Idea of You.

After that interview, Leandro Trossard shared a heartfelt message for the 'Devil Wears Prada' star and her co-star, Nicholas Galitzine while inviting the pair to watch a game at the Emirates Stadium. Since that message,  the Gunners have continued their dominant run in the Premier League and defeated teams like Chelsea and Tottenham. 

I'm shaking:  Anne Hathaway goes crazy reacting to  Trossad's special message

But recently, Anne Hathaway and  Nicholas Galitzine got a chance to react to the video sent by Trossard on the Today Show. Hathaway was out for words as expressed,  "Are you kidding me? Yeah," before saying, "I'm a little like uh yeah um yeah no no I'm shaking okay." While  Galitzine was left awestruck as he expressed,  Yeah, I mean, so, okay, I'm way, like, I'm more starstruck with... athletes than anything else and so."

Anne Hathaway is a massive Arsenal supporter:  Nicholas Galitzine

Earlier during the promotions for The Idea of You,  Nicholas Galitzine revealed that Anne Hathaway has been a massive Arsenal fan and considers herself a Gooner. Galitzine said,  “You know, a really fun fact: Anne Hathaway is a massive Arsenal supporter as well,” he said. “I’m in a group chat with her family, who are all Arsenal supporters. [They’re] obsessed.”