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NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has been among the people who shared resentment with former US President Donald Trump's recent commentary on the Black community. The 61-year-old NBA legend has recently responded with strong words and a warning to the Black population to avoid wearing Trump's mugshot.

Just before winning the Republican primary, Trump made comments about the Black people last week in South Carolina. At the Black Conservative Federation's annual Honors Gala, Trump said, "When I did the mug shot in Atlanta, that mug shot is No. 1. You know who embraced it more than anyone else? The Black population."

During the conversation with Gayle King, Charles Barkley was offended by the comments and responded, "First of all, I'm just gonna say this, 'if I see a Black person walking around with Trump's mugshot, I'm (gonna) punch him in the face'."

Watch Charles Barkley's rant over Donald Trump's comments:

I was just offended: Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley was furious over Trump's comments and King mentioned that Chuck would get arrested for assault. The former NBA star said, "I will bail myself out and go celebrate. If I was at that conference I would have got up and walked out. That was an insult to all Black people. To compare Black history, when we've been discriminated against, to his plight—first of all, he's a billionaire, and they're prosecuting him for stuff he did wrong. …"

Watch Trump and Barkley's comments:

He added, "Well, some of the stuff is true. They did storm the Capitol, they did say that the election was stolen. Those aren't lies, Gayle.  He's had a great life. He's been President of the United States. To insult Black people who have been discriminated against all these years, to put them in the same category. I was just offended."