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In a big update which has been doing rounds lately, the MCC and Victoria government are in talks to host India vs Pakistan Test match. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has notably expressed interest in hosting a Test between the arch-rivals after a successful T20 World Cup 2022 match earlier in November.

In a latest video which had MCC CEO Stuart Fox as one of the commentators revealed fresh details on this potential match. On being asked whether he had ever spoken about getting India and Pakistan play a Test match at MCG, he revealed that this topic has been taken upto the Cricket Australia and the government.


“Absolutely. Three (Tests) in a row would be lovely at the MCG. You’d fill it every time. We have asked,” he said. “We’ve taken that up with Cricket Australia. I know the (Victoria) government has as well. Again, it’s enormously complicated from what I can understand, amongst a really busy schedule. So I think that’s probably the greater challenge.”


“Hopefully, Cricket Australia keep taking it up with ICC and pushing it,” Fox further asserted. “When you do see some of the stadiums around the world unoccupied, I think it would be much better to have a full house and that atmosphere and celebrating the game with full houses,” he added.


Watch the video here:


Stuart Fox also went on to say that he had never seen an atmosphere like it at the MCG before that India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match. “The atmosphere, I’ve never felt it like that. That noise after every ball was just phenomenal and the families and children and everyone enjoying it,” he said.


It is to be noted that India and Pakistan have not played a Test against each other since 2007. The two nations have also not played a bilateral cricket other than the World Cups and Asia Cup matches since 2013.