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Credit: Twitter

After winning the South Asian Qualifiers against the teams of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, the Indian Dota 2 team have qualified for the Asian Championship finals. In the best-of-three finals, India and Nepal faced off, with scores of 34-27 and 36-34, Team India emerged victorious comfortably. India fought Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the early rounds of the competition, defeating them 54-12 and 47-24, respectively followed by their victory in the best-of-one matches against Nepal and Bangladesh with scores of 47–24 and 40–16, respectively.

The DOTA 2 Indian team including captain Manav Kunte (mnz), Vishal Vernekar (HBK), Abhishek Yadav (Abhi-), Shahbaz Hussain (PinkMaN), Krish Gupta (Krish'), and backup Jaikishan Malik (KaEL) defeated Nepal in the final game of the  South Asian Qualifiers.

"We came into the South Asian qualifiers with the goal of proving ourselves in the region and we are proud to have achieved that, defeating all the teams from the region with stunning performances and securing our spot in the Asian Championship is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unity of our team. We are now ready to face the best teams in Asia, and earn the spot to represent India at the 15th World Esports Championships," said skipper Manav Kunte after the huge success in the tournament.

The team's whole attention is now on the Asian Championship Finals, where they'll compete against squads from Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Mongolia, Australia, Jordan, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia. The 15th World Esports Championships, which take place in Iasi between August 24 and September 4, 2023, would be theirs for the taking if they qualify here.